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About the Society
The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Management Society was founded more than 60 years ago; the society brings together executives and managers from all areas and levels of the purchasing, materials management, supply chain and logistic fields. We are a public, non-profit volunteer-based association founded in 1962, a network of purchasing executives, supply managers, material management and logistic managers.
Our objectives:
▪ Promoting the profession of purchasing and logistics, creating a winning position for its status as a fundamental professional, a key role profession, essential to all levels of industrial management.
▪ Raising the professional level of our members as well as of all the professionals working throughout the purchasing and logistics fields.
▪ To Network, connect support and maintain on-going cooperation between members for the obtaining of general and/or professional knowledge as well for assisting one another with issues relating to our fields of expertise.
▪ Substantiating and instilling high ethical standards as well as a high level of integrity, both in our professional capacities within Israel as with our colleagues abroad.
▪ Raising awareness for high standard purchasing quality of goods made in Israel.
▪ Representing Israel in the areas of purchasing, material management, supply and logistics – within professional and/or international forums, seminars, etc.
▪ Integrating society members into purchasing, logistics, materials management majors in universities, colleges, certificate studies, advanced courses, and professional training.
The management of The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Society is responsible for the daily management of the organization and for the realization of its vision.
The Society Chairman, as well as members of the Audit Committee, are elected by the general assembly from chosen society members.
Any and all activities are carried out voluntarily, free of charge and/or cost.
Management of the society operates through its committees.
Each committee is headed by a management member, an expert in the areas entrusted to him/ her by that committee; he/she also acts as the committee Chairman and coordinator.
The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Society is affiliated to the international federation Institute for Purchasing and Supply Management (IPSM) which binds
together purchasing, supply, and materials management organizations from over 43 countries; and which supports thousands of professionals in the said fields.
The Israeli Purchasing and Logistics Society has a seat with the European Council for Purchasing and Supply (ECPS) and is a founding member of the Founding member of The European Institute of Purchasing Management (ERPS)
The society is a non-profit organization operating on a volunteer basis. The society is not funded by any government or public organization and manages itself via a minimal members fee as well as payment for activities and/or training.
Our society is regarded as the professional organization of its kind for all government and/ or ministries purposes and/ or activities.
Activities include:
▪ Setting up a curriculum for professionals dealing in the fields of property management, purchasing, logistics and warehouses, within the public sector; curriculums which have been obtained for the last decades by government offices: The Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, including adaptational curriculum based on the international IFPSM program.
▪ Displaying and disclosing the most advanced technologies and/or texts and or bodies of knowledge relating to our fields which have come to light on the market.
▪ Professional meetings for collaboration and promotion.
▪ Updating on new developments, initiating new ideas, mapping out challenges and creating practical solutions.

***Or Wolman, Content Writer & Certified Translator***

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